Off The Realm

Off The Realm

Bass Metal

Off The Realm: Is a one-man band, lyrical content is inspired by dark poetry, and even darker themes, set to bass guitar laden, heavy music. Enter if you dare.

My name is Tim Black; I'm a one-man band who writes and records original music. My musical interests and skills, were honed while I was living in Nuremberg, Germany (US Army station). I'm basically trying, to be the best Metal bassist and songwriter I can be. Can't promise great music, but I'm going to try damn hard. I don't really like the concept of “sub-genres” in the world of Heavy Metal music, but my song projects are experimental whereas; all stringed instruments is actually a bass guitar. All my music is dedicated to the real musician of the family; my little brother Roger D. Black, Jr. Also my brother JK actually coined the phrase “off the realm” which became my project name. A thank you goes out to my friends and family for their support! List of favorite bands, songwriters and bass players (influential and inspirational):

The Beatles
Lennon and McCartney
Iron Maiden
David Ellefson
Cliff Burton
John Entwistle
Steve Harris
Greg Christian

Important friends in my life, that contributed in some way, towards my musical journey are: Jeff Witherow, Billy Bogaczyk, Art McDermott, Andy Wheeler and Todd Vandelinder.

I remember growing up in small town America, (Blossburg and Liberty, PA); and at a very early age, I realized anyone holding an electric guitar, of any sort, was really cool! I remember The Beatles' movies and The Monkees' TV show, and I was sold on the idea of guitar Rock, too bad I never learned to play one. Then, being inspired by Paul McCartney and Gene Simmons of KISS, I decided to become a bass player - even before I ever touched one! A few songs, such as the following, introduced me to the possibilities of the bass guitar: “Detroit Rock City” - KISS, “Money” - Pink Floyd, “Reception” - WINGS, and “Another One Bites the Dust” - Queen. Earlier on, my Mom had bought me a cheap acoustic 6 string guitar, at the local Western & Auto store. I strummed and bashed it around for years but never really learned how to play at all - I didn't even know one chord, couldn't tune it, didn't know the names of the strings or the musical keys of the instrument. Eventually this 6 string guitar only had 2 or 3 strings left on it. Then I began to play fretted single bassline type notes, and open string notes, with a pick no less. I started brainstorming and I wondered, “Is what I'm doing related to the way one plays a bass guitar?”. Fast forward to my teen years and working odd jobs to buy a cheap, used Kay bass guitar, then an amp a year or two later - and yes, I could play... Well... At least good enough to be accepted into a garage band. Bands of note, that I was in through the years include: Odyssey, Reign, D'Absynth, and Haunted By Angels.
Which brings me to now! I just want to write and record songs, the best I can do, and to be inspired by The Beatles and every creative aspect of them. I've learned from reading about them that they really didn't like the atmosphere of the shabby, drab, plain white walled Studio 2 of famed Abbey Road Studios. Through interviews, they taught me that no matter where you write and record, it's up to one's self, to create the magic and inspirations - wherever you are - that's just what they did, and what I'm trying to do now. In closing, I have to give credit to my wife Michaela, and daughters Saphira and Yasmine, for always being there. And lastly, Pete Dreher of Dark ACE Records Kompany, for ultimately believing in my music, and signing me onto his record label.

Gear I use: Carvin basses and amps, Hagstrom basses, Hartke bass amps, Snarling Dogs/Brain picks, Brit Picks, Planet Waves cables, HOSA cables, BBE effects, Behringer pedals and studio microphones, Focusrite interfaces, Mixcraft Pro Studio 7 (DAW), Toontrack software/plugins, JBL studio monitors and Audio-Technica studio headphones.

Bass guitar strings I use: Dean Markley Blue Steel, GHS, Dunlop, Rotosound, D'Addario, and Cleartone.


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