G.L.O.W. (General Language of Oscillating Wisdom) was created by the sound engineer Richard Wheeler. G.L.O.W. comes from a new generation with new beginnings and is willing to take you all on a journey (rapid and slow) and show you what you may know and you may not know. He can heal, he can shock, he can rejuvenate, he can visualize this world but also wants to share facts other than the common ones. He can make you see what he sees, he can make you feel what he feels. As G.L.O.W. speaks our general language, the oscillating wheel spins and produces the spoken knowledge in a way you’ve never heard before! His experimental and electronic (harsh, dark and light) touch and feel welcomes you all to his kingdom.

At the beginning of 2011, Richard commenced djing for DarkNoise, a bimonthly alternative electronic event which takes place in Johannesburg, South Africa where he had showcased some of his material. In mid-2012, Richard became friends with a German dj named “Deadbeatxz-Kevin” (also known as “At0shima 3rr0r”) and, Kevin offered his remixing services to him for the track “Aigamuchab”. The remix was released on the 27th of May 2013. During the same period, a German company named “MyMasterMix.com” became one of his followers on Soundcloud. Richard decided to send them his song “Flying Dutchman (Final Quest)” for mastering. 

In early March 2013, Richard submitted two intros to a signature tune contest called "Bring The Oontz 2013" which was hosted by an American Radio Station called “Oontzcast” which was created by Coma-Online Magazine. On the 11th of March 2013, it was announced that Richard won the contest. After the contest, Richard wanted to submit his song “Flying Dutchman (Final Quest)” and, Coma-Online allowed him to do so. Flying Dutchman (Final Quest) was played a week later followed by another one of his tracks Hai-Uri on the 17th of June. 

In July 2013, Deadbeatxz-Kevin offered Richard an opportunity to remix a song of his called “My Smile” which was aired on the Oontzcast on the 13th of August 2013. And then, on the 30th of July 2013, Richard wanted to take his work onto another level and thus, got in touch with a UK-based film company called Resourcesound. 

The A&R Director Steve Gaitley approved his request and, on the 1st of October 2013, Richard had his instrumental versions of his music uploaded online via Resourcesound for soundtrack-use and during the same period, Richard’s album “Myths & Legends” was distributed via an American major Industrial records label called “Van Richter Records”. 

And then, in mid-November 2013, Richard’s audiobiography for G.L.O.W. (which was submitted into an audiobiography set on Soundcloud) was remixed by a German Hard Techno dj known as littleBLUE. Richard’s music was not only becoming recognized in the Industrial scene but, also in the Hard Techno scene too.

In 2014, Richard's soundtrack "Haunted" was featured in a showreel by Resourcesound. and on the 7th of March that year, G.L.O.W.'s first interview with an online South African entertainment and lifestyle site called 925 Rebellion was published and uploaded online. And, on the 21st of May, Richard's track Aigamuchab was once again remixed. This time, by a Japanese artist called Man Bullet. Four months later, Richard submitted his albums to Hazzard of Darkness radio in Germany and his track Anger was aired online followed by a variety of his tracks from his albums Emotions and Myths & Legends were aired in November on Aggro Diver ’81 in Philadelphia, USA. 

In late 2015, Richard exposed G.L.O.W. on a Serbian fan base for Alternative music known as Rebel Nation, a U.K.-based online magazine called Intravenous Magazine, and his track “Killer of the White Rhino” was aired on a local online radio show called Darklings Dystopia on Grind Radio.

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