DJ pool


If you are Club or Radio DJ, there is the possibility to obtain our publications free of charge.

Given our DJ pool registration form must be completed.

This requires personal information (name, address etc) and to artist / DJ name and be made to the clubs, events or radios where you're working.

This promo material you may use for your DJ activities and listen also private.

You can this promo material not disclosed to third parties, in any form (even to family and friends) for the ad and also not in filesharing or anywhere else on the Internet. Also transferring to other media such as Youtube videos is not permitted.

The disclosure to third parties constitutes an infringement of the Copyrights, will be prosecuted in any case and can lead to severe penalties. Another consequence is the permanent exclusion from the DJ pool.

Before you get from us the access data for DJ pool, we will check your specified in the registration form data is correct.

The promo material (mp3 192 kb / s) was provided to assign it unambiguously from us with a special watermark (Watermarked).